Harper Piver

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Summer Study #1: Joe Goode Performance Group Intensive

Now that spring break is ending, I am anticipating summer. For me summer means a much needed break from teaching and the opportunity to be a student for a short while. Last summer I went to San Francisco to participate in the Joe Goode Performance Group’s annual workshop. The week was intense and packed with […]

PHX Experimental Arts Festival

Saturday night my dancers will be performing in the Phoenix Experimental Arts Festival at Paradise Valley Community College’s CPA, 7:30 PM. Tickets are $10/$8 adults/students. The show includes the Lorkas Laptop Orchestra, Conder/Dance, Mary Fitzgerald Dance, and others.

Dance and Martial Arts

Recently I had the honor of attending Master Ray Fisher’s test to become a 7th Degree Black Belt in the Goju Shorei Weapons System. I have briefly dabbled in several forms of martial arts including capoeira, aikido, and t’ai chi, but never for long enough to consider myself a practitioner. It was exciting to get […]