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Summer Study #1: Joe Goode Performance Group Intensive

Now that spring break is ending, I am anticipating summer. For me summer means a much needed break from teaching and the opportunity to be a student for a short while. Last summer I went to San Francisco to participate in the Joe Goode Performance Group’s annual workshop. The week was intense and packed with […]

PHX Experimental Arts Festival

Saturday night my dancers will be performing in the Phoenix Experimental Arts Festival at Paradise Valley Community College’s CPA, 7:30 PM. Tickets are $10/$8 adults/students. The show includes the Lorkas Laptop Orchestra, Conder/Dance, Mary Fitzgerald Dance, and others.

Dance and Martial Arts

Recently I had the honor of attending Master Ray Fisher’s test to become a 7th Degree Black Belt in the Goju Shorei Weapons System. I have briefly dabbled in several forms of martial arts including capoeira, aikido, and t’ai chi, but never for long enough to consider myself a practitioner. It was exciting to get […]

What will I find on this blog in the future?

The short version: -Interviews and profiles of independent artists working in non-traditional centers of dance -An exploration of creative process in terms applicable and relevant to artists working in both dance and other genres The longer version: As an art form, dance is perhaps the one least understood by those who don’t participate. Dance as […]

Who thinks the world really needs another blog?

As long as I can remember, dance and my life have been intertwined. Whether dancing underneath myself in line at school or spinning in the yard until I got dizzy and fell down, I was always moving. Rather, I am always moving. My adult self is a choreographer, performer, educator, and dance filmmaker working primarily […]


What is Homegrown Dance? Homegrown Dance is: a) The belief that good art, particularly dance, happens where good dancers and dance makers are, not only in places commonly recognized as artistic centers. b) Interviews and highlights of choreographers and collectives working in those off beat places. c) ‘Dance’ as a metaphor for the act of […]